What They Say

Warren Bergen is an award-winning entrepreneur, investor, corporate advisor and he has directly raised or assisted in the capital raise for many growing businesses. He has participated directly with early stage ventures for over 15 years and has raised growth capital from venture capitalists, accredited investors, private equity and public markets. He was the Executive Director of Alberta Deal Generator, a network of angel investors and venture capitalists. He is a former board member of the National Angel Capital Organization and has participated as a guest lecturer and panelist at many investment conferences. He is currently Vice President, Corporate Development at AVAC Ltd., a company with $140 Million under management. AVAC invests in promising early stage companies in IT, life science, agri-value and industrial technology. 

What I Say

That which is written above is nice. It's true, but it isn't real. Bios tend to showcase the high points, the awards and accomplishment. They're like dessert, but made only with toppings. They're the whipped cream, chocolate shavings and drizzled caramel. They don't give you the rest. The grinding, struggle, adversity and occasional failure. I've seen well over 1,000 deals over the past decade and have seen a pattern of mistakes that many entrepreneurs make that keep them unfunded. That gives me something to say. Am I special? No. Have I been involved in a lot of early stage companies? Yes. Did I get it right every time? You've got to be kidding. I've had my share of entrepreneurial exploits. Some of it was incredible, some of it was truly terrible. The point is, I'm just a guy that loves entrepreneurs and I want them to do well. An astonishing number of companies fail. Access to capital is one major cause of failure. If you need to know how to increases your chances of raising the money you need, this book just might help you.