"Too often, the early-stage entrepreneur looks for the shortcut or universal formula for landing investment capital. Unfortunately, there isn't such a thing. Remarkably though, Bergen has expertly crafted a book that provides easy-to-understand, actionable advice without ignoring the realities of how funding decisions are actually made."

Lew Turnquist, Senior Managing Partner, Kirchner Group

"I believe this to be important and insightful work."

Bill Mackenzie, Senior Advisor, Next Equities

"Warren has taken his collective experiences in helping to raise capital and has articulated the most important themes and concepts with absolute brilliancy."

Michael Yurechuk, BCOM, MBA, President and CEO, Energy Engine

"Swagger & Sweat is a long overdue and much needed resource for emerging entrepreneurs.  Warren's book engages us with a plain language and information rich read that should be on every entrepreneur’s book shelf.“

Marc Elrick, Principal & Founder, Critical Path Group

Executive Director, Banff Venture Forum & Canadian Financing Forum